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Sept. 18, 2014

Open Letter to the Egyptian President Abdul Fattah AlSisi
His Excellency President Abdul Fattah AlSisi
President of Egypt
On behalf of the American Coptic Union and the Egyptian-American Community, we offer our congratulations to your victory in the Presidential election and the love and support of the Egyptian people. We write this letter to you to bring to your attention and consideration the historical repression and oppression of Egyptian Copts (Kemetians) in their native land of Egypt.
First we would like to express our sincerest appreciation for your great effort and courage in curbing the more than 40 years of bloodshed and massacres of Egyptian Copts by Islamists and Arab Islamic regimes in Egypt.
We are confident that you are aware of what Coptic Egyptians have been going through. We have faced injustice, oppression, massacres, kidnappings, and the seizure of property. The most dangerous is what we are face now: displacement and ethnic cleansing as a result of the policies of economic strangulation and demographic suffocation that will inevitably lead to the extinction of our people from their aboriginal homeland. We extend and display to you through this letter the most important and serious problems facing us today which must be solved quickly:
  1. Disastrous economic strangulation against our people, which began in 1952 and increased during the reigns of Sadat and Mubarak, was a result of the acquisition of territory and the theft and distribution of land without compensation. We urge you to return all the lands that have been nationalized and that were owned by Coptic Egyptians and redistribute them to the poor, farmers, and Coptic people. These lands were given to the Arab tribes, who are colonial settlers on the land of Egypt, and other non-Egyptians who were brought in by regimes that have ruled Egypt. We also demand that the priority of the new distribution of land be to the locals of the indigenous people of the country.
  2. Disastrous demographic suffocation of the indigenous Egyptians by the Arab tribes and clans, particularly in Upper Egypt. Their numbers have increased to a point that cannot be tolerated. As a result, Coptic Egyptians are under siege and there is no possible outlet for their growth and development. In addition, a huge flood of Arab populations (settler colonialism) from the Delta to Upper Egypt have dominated all sources of wealth, land, and almost all natural resources. Moreover, most of these tribes and groups turned into ticking time bombs through Islamization. They became strong supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood and Jihad. The main jobs of these tribes and clans are the illegal arms trade, drugs, and organized crime at the expense of the indigenous population. Furthermore, these tribes enjoy autonomy, given to them by Arab Islamic governments and even the British Empire.  They do not recognize Egyptian identity and use their own law, which is called Councils of Arabs. They engage in the theft and excavation of the ancient tombs of our ancestors, in addition to many other unaccountable crimes. They believe in the dangerous terrorist ideology of Wahhabism. Most of them join and promote the Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafists, both of which have committed the worst crimes against native Egyptians and humanity throughout history, particularly during the last 60 years. Their numbers have been quite evident in all elections that took place after the January 25 Revolution, which confirms our prior and current statements.
  3.  We are asking you to stop this cultural genocide against Egyptian Copts and to reconsider the usage of the mother language of the country, which is the Egyptian language. The State must adopt a program to revive our language at all educational levels. This will be the first step to stop the ethnic and cultural genocide. The native Egyptians deserve this because they are indigenous people of Egypt and because it is guaranteed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  4. We appeal to you to not to release Mubarak and his aides because of the crimes they committed against the Egyptian people, both Christian and Muslim. In this regard, we would like to point that the American Coptic Union has filed several complains to the UN Human Rights Council, which received attention from US President Barack Obama. We would like to express our disagreement regarding the Mubarak current trial that ignored his crimes against our people. We seek your support for a fair trial that delivers bonafide justice to the victims and their families.
Mr. President:
These demands are consistent with the requirements of the international laws of human rights as they meet the consent of all the states. Our demands are an integral part of the fight against terrorism in Egypt and the region in general. We raise these historical and current injustices before you, hoping for favorable consideration and support for the legitimate rights of the indigenous people of Egypt. We look forward to an era of President Sisi that delivers Egypt from the brink and into better days.
Finally, we offer all greetings and appreciation to you and your family, and great support to you from all of us.
Rafique Iscandar
American Coptic Union -President


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