Friday, August 27, 2010

The American Coptic Union (ACU) Submits a Complaint to United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights

On August 17, 2010, the ACU issued a complaint on behalf of the oppressed Coptic Christians of Egypt to the OHCHR. This complaint was filed against President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt; Interior Minister Muhammed Habib AlAdley; Chairman of Committee of Policies of the NDP (ruling party) Gamal Mubarak; Speaker of Parliament Fat’hey Suror; and Speaker of Shura Council Safwat ElSherif. They are accused for their criminal policies and practice of crimes against humanity and genocide against Coptic Christians in Egypt. The crimes include:

• Ethnic cleansing against hundreds of thousands, displacing and forcing families to leave their homes, and lands. And Confiscations of private properties.

• Massacring of Egyptian Copts, terror attacks, and raids on Coptic Christian villages.

• Thousands killed in orchestrated attacks all over Egypt.

• Kidnapping, raping, more than 500,000 women, and underage girls, forcing them to convert, and marry of those who commit the crime against them.

• For millions of Coptic Christians to convert to Islam, by force, and distorting their civil records.

• Killing worshipers inside the Churches. Burning and destroying hundreds of worship places, and historical monasteries.

• Protecting terror secret organization to kill those Coptic Christians who convert back to Christianity.

• Destruction of Egyptian Coptic historical sites, such as Luxor, Akhmim, Al Giza area of the Pyramids, and religious sites.

* Severe economic strangulation. President Mubarak issued a presidential decree to kill and exterminate all Pigs owned by Egyptian Christian Copts and confiscate their Farms. As a result about 3 million lost their income, and become unemployed.

* Ten of thousands of Egyptian Copts victims illegally imprisoned with false and fabricated, or no allegation at all, and without any trial, or Court hearing.

The ACU and Coptic community are committed to bringing these criminals to justice. No more can the crimes of a cruel government against its people continue with impunity.

On behalf of American Coptic Union, and US Coptic Community, we call upon, President Barack Obama, US Congress, and Government, all leaders of New York City, and State, Democrats, and Republicans to show their vigor support to “Freedom of Religion “for Coptic Christian, in the US and Egypt as they support the freedom of religion for American Muslims to build Ground Zero’s Mosque.

Anti-Christian Movement is the Driving Force behind Islamization

The Ground

Zero Mosque Propaganda Portrays M

uslims as Persecuted Group

Islamization in America is a serious and dangerous matter, more so than the financial crisis America is facing right now. This is not to confuse Islamization with regular Muslims. Islamists spread along with anti-Christian ideology of hatred, racism, sexism, and encourage Sharia (Islamic) law in society. Muslims are just regular followers of the religion of Islam. There is no doubt that Muslims in America, like Christians and Jews, have the constitutional right to build a place of worship.

They still have the same right to build a Mosque in Ground Zero as long as

New York City’s Mayor and authority approve the project despite sensitivity and hurting Americans’ feeling. The question puzzling us as American Christians is why New York City Council, and Mayor were quick to approve immediately to build Cordoba mosque in Ground Zero location, while they suspiciously showed procrastination to permit re-building the Greek Orthodox Church that destroyed in 9/11 attacks and was already stand at that location, also they did not seriously investigate a fire in a Catholic church in the Bronx which served the people of this Community?

However, that Mosque was not built for the sole purpose of worship. No, it was built by Islamists to pursue an anti-Christian agenda in the United States. Even the name of the Mosque, Cordoba, is symbolic of historical anti-Christian sentiment. The name Cordoba indicates an anti-Christian alliance was formed in the Spanish province of Andalucía and was a main cause for the Crusades. This Andalucía alliance also burned numerous churches in Egypt and Palestine, including the Resurrection Church in Jerusalem, shortly after the Fatimid took control of Egypt.

Why there is such a fervent propaganda campaign against the Cordoba Mosque while the number of Mosques and Islamic centers has quadrupled since 9/11, while Muslim population did not increased at the same rate? And why Islamists picked that particular location?

Some numbers are helpful in answering this important question. The number of Mosques and Islamic centers in 2001 were about 1500. Now, there are more than 6000. While Catholic churches, schools, and hospitals are going bankrupt and closing down, Islamic places of worship increased tremendously in the last decade.

There are reasons why Islamists want to build the Cordoba Mosque in New York City. First, Islamists already acquitted before American’s public opinion from the 9/11 attacks. Second, since New York City is home to quite a number of Jews, the Cordoba Mosque is a gesture of peace from the Islamists. This is a reminder to them of their past cooperation in Andalucía during the Arab occupation of Spain.

This reckless resolution taken by the authorities of New York City, that we all love, and our hearts go out to those who lost loved on the attack. The resolution is a reward and sanitization for the Islamists that committed this heinous crime against 3000 Americans -- mostly Christians. It also represents a victory for Osama bin Laden, the most wanted terrorist in the world; he is still out of the hands of American justice. Also, the permit at this particular place would save and clean the image of Islamists and Jihadists.


As American Christians, we welcome peace between Muslims and Jews. However, our main concern is a religious-based alliance and ideology. The current situation of Middle Eastern Christians made us alert the American people of this legitimate concern.

Allowing political Islamization and anti-Christian policy to spread in the United States would result in religious and cultural wars that would destroy the Western world and culture.

We have no intention of hurting the feelings of Muslims. Our main concern is politicizing Islam in a way that divides American society by creating religious alliances. Studying the Islamization of the Middle East over the last 30 years is a must and a national security issue for the United States. Christian communities in countries such as Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq, and the former Yugoslavia face their worst period in history because of political Islamization and anti-Christian agendas. There is an anti-Christian crusade on Christians and Western culture.

The anti-Christian movement is gaining more influence every day, helping Islamists at the expense of Christianity. In Europe, numerous incidents show Muslims being “persecuted” by depriving them from building Minarets in Switzerland and wearing the Burqa (veil) in France. At the same time, Mosques are being built and Islamic centers are expanding services to convert Christians. Legislation and court orders are issues to limit Christian culture and practices in Christian countries in order to avoid hurting the feelings of Islamists.

In England, for instance, the Bishop of Canterbury, the origin of British and American Christianity, supports Sharia law for Muslims instead of British common law. Despite hundreds of Mosques across England, the Bishop allows Muslims to use churches for prayer. In Italy, the crucifix is now banned in Italian schools to destroy Catholic Christianity.

In America, anti-Christian sentiment is booming. The Catholic Church is facing an existential threat. The Coptic Orthodox church is under severe pressure from the Mubarak regime’s intelligence agency, a main partner in the anti-Christian alliance. Other Christian denominations are infiltrated by anti-Christians as well.

Even some churches are helping the anti-Christian movement by generating sympathy for Islamists. They depict Muslims as being deprived from freedom of religion and persecuted. This is designed to fool the American people into sympathizing with Islamists. For instance, a church in Gainesville, Florida decided to burn the Quran, the book of Islam. This is not Christian practice to burn any book. Churches during the pagan and heretic periods of history did not even do this. The Gainesville church also gave the al-Azhar institute a chance to condemn Christians and show that Muslims are persecuted. The church in Gainesville must cancel its plan immediately.

Anti-Christian policy is evident even in domestic issues such as immigration. The anti-Christian movement in America is targeting Catholic immigrants from Central and South America trying to escape the capitalist-imposed poverty in their respective countries. According to the 2004 Kennedy-McCain Immigration Bill, approximately 700,000 illegal immigrants enter the United States annually. On the other hand, thousands of international flights land every day with people from the Middle East and Asia staying illegally in the US after their Visas expire.

Anti-Christians have had tremendous success in helping Islamization destroy Christianity in the United States, Europe, and the Middle East. Although it is widely known and documented that Saudi Arabia and Egypt perpetrated the 9/11 attacks, US foreign policy considers these countries to be “strong allies” and “close friends.” They allow them to expand Islam but hurt Christianity under the banner of “peace in the Middle East.” No one seems to hold 9/11 against these countries. Instead, they are rewarded without impunity. September 11 conspiracy is not over yet.