Saturday, December 13, 2014

Letter to Robert Menendez Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee

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Honorable Senator
Robert Menendez
Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee
One Gateway Center, Suite 1100
Newark New Jersey, 07102
Tel. 973-645-3030 Fax: 973-645-0502

Dear Sir: 

I am writing to you on behalf of the Egyptian people in Egypt and United States, to express our appreciation and gratitude for your fantastic effort in serving the interests of the United States of America in the Middle East, and your effort in fighting terrorism.
The position you took towards Egypt and its people in getting rid of the tyranny of the Mubarak regime was greatly honored by our Egyptian Coptic Community in the New Jersey and USA.
As you aware, the situation in Egypt now is far worse than anybody could imagine after the fall of Mubarak regime, because of his criminal actions and corruption. During his 30 years of darkness and repression, Coptic Egyptians ended up empty-handed. They suffer severe economic difficulties and total social destruction. Currently, our people face the hardest time in our history and live in the middle of an imminent and existential threat.

In the enclosed memo, we bring to your attention as much information as possible that explains the real situation, the specific threats, and suggested solutions to save our people in Egypt and to survive in their current existential crisis.

Honorable Senator:

We would like your help and support for our demands, which we have raised to President Abdul Fatah Al Sisi. These demands are consistent with all international covenants and treaties of the United Nations.

Finally, we wish you and your family a happy holiday. I am looking forward to receive your feedback, and ready to provide more information if you request so. Thank you so much.

Rafique Iscandar, American Coptic Union -President

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