Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Islamists and Salafists, Responsible for Sinai and Eilat Attacks

US Foreign Policy Shares Responsibility by Encouraging Islamists-Jihadists in Egypt

Attacks on Israel’s Port of Eilat last week succeeded in distracting the world from Egypt’s problems and tried to delegitimize the peaceful revolution of the Egyptians against oppression. This attack is aiming to open the way for Salafists and Islamists to seize power in Egypt in the coming months, and provoking, and dragging Israel and Egypt to confrontation.

Islamists from Sinai crossed the Israeli border and assaulted the port. Conveniently enough, Israeli officials overlooked that fact and did not attack the Islamists assailants. Instead, members of Egyptian police, and Army were killed.

This is nothing new. Terrorists groups have been supported by foreign regimes. The United States, Israel, rich Arab states, and most European states provided political, financial, and military support to the Muslim Brotherhood and terrorist factions inside Egypt. This support included illegally transferred money and pressure on the Egyptian Supreme Military Council to help the Muslim Brotherhood in imposing Islamic Law despite opposition from the overwhelming majority of Egyptians.

To abort the revolution, Islamists and the Muslim Brotherhood protested around the Israeli Embassy for days, seeking distraction from the revolution’s demands to abroad. Their call for an Egyptian-Israeli confrontation, and cutting relation, failed because they are a minority and the majority no longer trusts them. Make no mistake; the Islamists’ protest was a game. They hoped by protesting the Israelis, they would win the majority over. This was not the case.

The Islamists and Salafis declared Sinai an “Islamic Emirate.” They initiated huge terror attacks on police precincts and other government offices in Alarish, the capital city of Northern Sinai. At the same time, they took over Tahrir Square in a show off day, on July 29, 2011.

United States, Israel, European Countries, and Arab Gulf States must follow ACU and the majority of Egyptians condemn all Islamists groups and Parties for their threats of violence in establishing a theocratic state in Egypt, and their continuous attempts to impose Shariaa Laws.

However, if the United States and Israel still insist on supporting the Islamists and Muslim Brotherhood, then the majority of Egyptians will insist on opposing the United States and Israel.

It’s in the interests of both Egypt and Israel to secure Sinai and the border from being taken over by terrorists. The Egyptians and Israelis must find a way to secure Sinai as well as drastically reform the Camp David Accords of 1979.

The Camp David Accords of 1979, were bad example, and have failed to attract other countries like Syria, and Iran. After more than 30 years of “peace” between Israel and Egypt, there have been many negative outcomes. This treaty resulted in tyranny, corruption, persecution, killing, and economic strangulation on most Egyptians.

Despite repeated calls on President Obama and the US government, and Congress to use its political capital to improve human rights in Egypt, the United States has been very reluctant to do so. Even after the revolution of January 25, the Supreme Military Council has shown little support for Coptic demands such as the removal of the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution, which imposed Islamic Laws on the populace. The Council must establish Egyptian Language, along with Arabic, as the official languages of Egypt; prosecute those who committed crimes against Coptic Christians; compensate victims; and settle all other human rights violations.

The backwards foreign policy of the United States must change. Their continued support for the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafis is a threat to the Copts, the majority of Egyptian people, and the interest of US in the Middle East.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Saudi Arabia behind “TALABANIZATION” of Egypt

USA Must Start A Rescue Mission For Egypt Now and show strong Support to Millions of Protesting Copts in the Heart of Cairo!!

American Coptic Union is sending this urgent message to President Barack Obama, US State Department, and US Congress.

Saudi Arabia and its Wahabbi regime are setting fire in Egypt in general, and to Egyptian Copts in particular.

First we would like to share President Obama, and American people the rejoice of killing Usama Ben Laden the head of Al-Qaeda. In addition, we also would like to express our appreciation to the President Obama, and the great people of America for their stand and support for our long time demand removing the dictator of Egypt, Mubarak.

Despite the importance of Ben Laden’s killing, this incomplete victory should not hold US back from achieving the ultimate goal of USA in eradicating Al-Qaeda from the Middle East and especially in Egypt.

Although the repeated call to USA officials paying attention, during the dictatorship era of Mubarak regime, for the growing danger of terror organization and network in Egypt, these calls have not taken seriously.

Mubarak regime had adopted a very dangerous policy by embracing the Islamic organizations for decades to scare the US, Israel, and EU from even thinking in supporting any kind of change in Egypt. Therefore, the ousted regime recruit, protect, and finance Al-Jama’at Al Eslamiya, Islamic Jihad, and Muslim Brotherhood, in addition to the support of Saudi Arabia regime.

Since the fall of Mubarak, Al-Jama’at Al Islamiya, and Islamic Jihad have changed their name to Salafists. They intended to elude the World that their previous crimes against humanity are forgotten. Now Salafists with support of Muslim Brotherhood are trying to hijacking the peaceful and civilized revolution to replace Mubarak regime to rule Egypt by same terror means, committing crimes against humanity, especially against Egyptian Copts, and moderate Muslims.

Over the course of 100 days only, Al-Qaeda network in Egypt have launched more than 50 attacks on Christian Churches and communities, including massacres in which hundreds killed, and injured, and many others disappeared and kidnapped.

To be honest United States and the West have supported the policy of the former regime under the banner of “stability”. It’s clear now that what was called stability proved to be fake and led to the spread of terror and established a safe haven to Al-Qaeda in Egypt, where tens of thousands of its members are enjoying the freedom to be a spike on the back of the Egypt and Israel at the same time.

Last Month, Jihadists –Salafists and Arab Tribes declared their first Islamic State (Emirate) in Qena in Upper Egypt. Raising the Saudi Flags, cutting the only Railways that connect Upper Egypt to its Lower, blocking the Highways, and erecting a terrorist Sheikh as ruler to that Islamic Emirate.

In the recent attacks on Coptic Churches in Embabah, the Army, and police force did not interfere to stop the killing of more than 60 innocent unarmed Christian under their watch. Not only this, the Army arrested many injured Copts and victims accusing them with false charges, some of them arrest while receiving treatment of their wounds.

It’s clear fact that the Army does not want and capable for going after and facing the huge Al-Qaeda network, and its branches including its infrastructures, because, first the Army is so small that can’t clean up Egypt from this cancer, and secondly, the Army is lacking the support of the US, and the west to do this mission particularly they are not trained to Cities and Guerilla warfare. Adding to that, security weakness due to the absence of strong police force.

Finally, we would like to address the following point to be considered by President Obama, and US Congress:

  • United States must discuss and pressure the Supreme Military Council in Egypt to destroy and exterminate all Salafists-Jihadists of Al-Qaeda and its infrastructure in Egypt.
  • Because of Egypt’s Army is not ready and trained for such mission, United States must join the Egyptian Army in this humanitarian mission with EU participation covered by UN approval.
  • We are certain that this mission will be supported by millions of Muslims and Christian, because both of them have fed up of the Salafists barbarian actions even against Muslim people and institutions.

Finally, time is running out, and acting immediately before is too late is highly recommended. Please remember that that action would permanently change the Middle East to a better peaceful place for every and all people live in this flammable region.