Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Press Release

ACU and peace loving people, Human Right Activists, and freedom of religion supporters are shocked and disturb with the White House invitation to Mubarak and his son for the direct peace talks between Israel and Palestinians. It is obvious and clear that Mubarak has no interest in achieving a successful peace between the parties.

This invitation is a wrong message to all of us on the light of the presence of his son who is planning to inherits his father position as if it were a real estate issue. This invitation to both of them is a slap on the face for those who believe in your position on promoting democracy in Egypt. His participation with his son is truly the opposite rather that their presence is a real obstacles for the intended peace.

Mubarak, his son and others officials in the regime are partners in the Anti-Christians movement in the Middle East and in the USA. Their crimes against Humanity has been reported to the UN Human Rights in a complain submitted by ACU, on Aug, 18, 2010.

Hosting Gamal Mubarak in the White House is a clear message that United States of America is a clear support for his plan to steal the election which is already will be cheated for his favor. Other candidates, Dr. ElBaradie, and Dr. Ayman Nour should not be punished because they believe in democratic free election.

More, hosting Mubarak and his son is a clear negative message, at this particular time, that US is supporting the Anti-Christians of which Mubarak and his son are active member in that movement, in addition to their violating freedom of religion against Egyptian Coptic Christians, who are facing genocide and terror of that vicious regime.

Furthermore, they are violating and abusing the human rights of almost all Egyptians including Muslims. The list of crimes they have committed are:

Ethnic cleansing against hundreds of thousands, displacing and forcing families to leave their homes, and lands. And Confiscations of private properties.

Massacring of Egyptian Copts, terror attacks, and raids on Coptic Christian villages.

Thousands killed in orchestrated attacks all over Egypt.

Kidnapping, raping, more than 500,000 women, and underage girls, forcing them to convert, and marry of those who commit the crime against them.

For millions of Coptic Christians to convert to Islam, by force, and distorting their civil records.

Killing worshipers inside the Churches. Burning and destroying hundreds of worship places, and historical monasteries.

Protecting terror secret organization to kill those Coptic Christians who convert back to Christianity.

Destruction of Egyptian Coptic historical sites, such as Luxor, Akhmim, Al Giza area of the Pyramids, and religious sites.

  • Severe economic strangulation. President Mubarak issued a presidential decree to kill and exterminate all Pigs owned by Egyptian Christian Copts and confiscate their Farms. As a result about 3 million lost their income, and become unemployed.
  • Ten of thousands of Egyptian Copts victims illegally imprisoned with false and fabricated, or no allegation at all, and without any trial, or Court hearing.

Mr. President ACU is requesting you the following:

  1. A White House statement expressing that USA doesn’t support hereditary rule in Egypt. If is it too late for the President Barack Obama cancel appearance with Gamal Mubarak, at least respecting the principal of “ Equality of Equal” by inviting Dr. El Baradie, and Dr. Aymen Nour to the White House.
  2. We are sure the President Barack Obama is a real Christian man, even though, the distortion of the Media that suggest otherwise. Therefore we call you to support Coptic Christian legitimate and justifiable case before the US Human Rights Commission, OHCHR.