Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Press Release for the White House

The American Coptic Union (ACU) would like to thank United States President Barack Obama for his support for Coptic Christian human rights in Egypt.

Recently, the United Nations Human Rights Council reviewed the status of human rights and freedom of religion in Egypt. No recommendations or resolutions arose from the UN  to make the Mubarak regime to comply with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other human rights treaties. The ACU and the Coptic community in the United States  still hope President Obama, Congress, and the United States government will help ease the genocide and ethnic cleansing against the Coptic Christians in Egypt.

Mubarak, however, continues to defy these human rights treaties. He did not delete the second amendment of the Egyptian Constitution, which rules the government through Sharia, or Islamic, law. He did not nullify the laws that do not criminalize terrorists for massacres on Coptic villages. On January 6, 2010, Islamic extremists opened fire on a Coptic church in Nag Hammadi, killing six Copts and wounding dozens more. Although the Egyptian government brought the terrorists to trial, the “justice” quickly ended. The police arrested, tortured, and killed dozens of Copts who witnessed the massacre. This is a blatant violation of civil, political, and human rights.

After the Nag Hammadi massacre, American delegates from several human rights commissions visited Egypt and met with government officials regarding the Coptic situation. Until now, however, no comprehensive report of their findings was sent to the Department of State and no necessary action was taken to curb the oppression against the Copts. The regime showed no intention to improve the situation nor amend current laws that systematically persecute Copts.

The ACU and the Coptic community in the United States requests the following from the White House:

  1. President Obama speak on behalf of the voiceless victims to restore their unalienable rights and to demand the return of more than 500,000 Coptic girls kidnapped by terrorists under the cover of the regime.
  2. White House address the anti-Christian movement in the Middle East. Take necessary measures to stop illegal actions against Christians in the Middle East. United States go to the UN to protect Christian rights and pressure countries to pass laws criminalizing those who commit anti-Christian crimes.
  3. Adjust or change foreign policy and curb anti-Christian movements in the Middle East.

We hope the White House takes these requests into consideration to end the oppression against the Copts, the native people of Egypt. Thanks and God Bless.

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