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Ending Egyptian Coptic Captivity

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from:           American Coptic Union
subject:       Ending Egyptian Coptic Captivity
date:            November 28, 2014

Ending Egyptian Coptic Captivity
Saudi Arabia, USA, and England are Responsible for
Parliamentary Election Must Come After Reconciliation
There are so many peoples and ethnic groups facing existential threat. But currently, native Egyptians are far beyond facing serious existential threat. They are already in the middle of an existential threat.
These threats include economic collapse due to the lack of land ownership; a destroyed culture; a language barely used in prayers. Their native Egyptian heritage such as tombs, artifacts, and the ancient sites of their ancestors are openly and “legally based on Islamic Fatwas”, officials, and Ministry of Antiquities corruption, are looted and destroyed without any intervention from UNESCO, other world institutions, universities, and historians.
Their population drastically decreased by both voluntary and forced migration and displacement. They ultimately were suffocated by the increasing multiplication of the population of the Arab tribes who had been purposely brought to settle on the native lands of the indigenous in order to repress and ethnically cleanse the indigenous Egyptians of Upper Egypt, from the southern border in Aswan to the Pyramids in Al Giza.

Geographically, these tribes are occupying both sides of the Nile Valley in the whole of Upper Egypt. At the same time they encircle almost all villages and cities in Upper Egypt.
The main occupation of these tribes is repressing local natives by seizing and settling most of the land that is supposed to be owned by aboriginal Egyptians. The main source of finance for these Arab tribes is arms and drug trading; and illegally digging, smuggling, and selling looted artifacts, treasure, and antiquities. In other words, they make their money through land theft and cultural expropriation.
These Arab tribes enjoy semi-autonomous status and have their own laws: they are a state within a state. The places they occupy are named after their original tribal names in the Arabian Peninsula. Fortunately, however, they reject Egyptian culture, which has resulted in them not assimilating into indigenous Egyptian culture and society.

Their religion of course is the Wahabbi extremist version of Islam. The status of Lower Egypt is no better than Upper Egypt’s native Egyptians are stranded by Arab tribes.
Arab tribes and clans were brought in as a paramilitary to suppress the local population over the course of Egypt’s history under imperialist occupation. First, tribes came with the early Arab Muslim conquest and during Fatimid Dynasty and the Crusades. Second, Arab tribes were brought by the British occupation of Egypt to repress the native revolt in Upper Egypt, particularly in Suhaj, eastern provinces in the north, Dmni-hur, and other areas. In fact, the British occupation caused most of the indigenous Egyptians of Suhaj to leave their land and settle in other parts of the country. The same thing took place in the eastern provinces and Dmni-hur in the North.

The British viewed the native Egyptians as a race to be ruled, contrasted with the Anglo-Saxons who they believed to be a governing race. This is how the British justified their occupation of Egypt. British policies created prosperity for the tiny, foreign elite but impoverished the native Egyptian masses with high levels of indebtedness. The British turned Egypt into their own personal cotton plantation. They supported the elite landowners, most of whom were foreign, against the landless native peasants.

England also is responsible for the modern ethnic cleansing and suppressing native Egyptian culture. Creating and supporting terrorist Islamist organizations was a forte of the British. Reviving Arabization and Islamization was Britain’s way of repressing the indigenous national and cultural identity of Egypt.
The ultimate tragedy of this genocide has been undertaken by the USA over the last 60 years. American support of Nasser, Sadat, and Mubarak had the devastating effect of breaking the back of Egyptian culture and identity as well as allowing the continuation of the ethnic cleansing, land confiscation, and the economic destruction of the Egyptians. American support for the regimes occupying Egypt resulted in both physical and cultural genocide of the Egyptians.
Throughout the history of imperial occupation, occupiers left colonies on lands they occupied. This was the case in occupied Egypt for Greek, Romans, Turks, French, and English. However, the Arab occupation of Egypt and native Egyptians still exists. The time has come to end this captivity of our people.

Saudi Arabia, England and the USA are responsible for this cultural and physical genocide. This means they are also responsible for providing the solution.
Over the last 80 years, these Arab tribes became the demographic reservoir for all terrorist Islamic organizations, not only in Egypt, but in all of the countries in the Middle East and North Africa. The power of the Muslim Brotherhood is rooted in these tribes. They were able to sweep all elections after the 2011 revolution because of huge tribal support.
Saudi Arabia, the mother of all Arabs, is responsible for all these crimes committed by the tribes against Egyptians and reparations must be paid to the native Egyptian victims.
The world, through the UN, the USA, and England, should pressure Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States to call in their own people and give them citizenship , and other incentives. Egypt can no longer afford food, housing, education and healthcare for the descendants of occupiers.
Egyptian Copts seek and request a Russian role in releasing and freeing our people from this historic captivity. The importance of a Russian role is to have some semblance of a balance of power, because the USA, England, Saudi Arabia, and Israel have great and strong relationships with the Arab Sunni Islamic countries, including Egypt as Sunni-majority country.
Such problems and solutions have been implemented in some countries in the region. Kuwait eventually offered its “Elbudoun” citizenship to Comoros Island in order to relocate them to a different homeland. Elbudoun are Arabs but belong to a different tribe.
In Sudan, millions of Arab Northerners moved away from the southern area. In Egypt, Arab tribes should go back to their original homeland and leave the aboriginal Egyptians alone.
The USA helped and supported the Arab military coup of 1952 until the fall of Mubarak. Mubarak targeted native Egyptians, committing crimes against humanity, economic strangulation, ethnic cleansing, killing, abduction, attacking houses of worship, and forcing displacement and migration.
The native Egyptians are left alone without any allies or support. They lack any kind of defense force or political representation. Moreover, they live in ghettos surrounded by tribes that were supported by the successive Arab Muslim governments in Egypt. Despite all odds, Egyptian Copts were able to revolt against the oppression of Mubarak regime and his Islamists allies. They played a main role in the two revolutions of 2011 and 2013, removing both Mubarak and Muslim Brotherhood from government. They strive to survive their captivity until the present in order to get their freedom.
Ending the captivity of Egyptian Copts must be based on restoring their natural and human rights. The current government must legislate laws to reverse this cultural genocide. The first, and foremost is teaching the Middle Egyptian language in all levels of education, which is the only way to protect, and preserve Egyptian culture. It is the natural language of the land of Egypt, which will stop and reverse extermination of Egyptian culture and identity. The new regime must prove that they are really Egyptian and have the interests of Egyptians at heart by approving and legislating this natural right for all Egyptians.
There is no demand to abandon the Arabic language that was imposed on all Egyptians during the course of the Arab Islamic occupation. Restoring the native Egyptian language is not unprecedented. Iran, which is an Islamic country with an Islamic system, still retains the ancient Persian language, and Arabic language. In parts of North Africa, Arabic and the native Berber languages are the official languages. A similar system can be adopted in Egypt.

Lift the siege imposed on Egyptians communities by the Arab tribes in all regions of Egypt, especially the most affected regions in Upper Egypt, from Cairo to Aswan. Throughout history, these tribes have killed, ethnically cleansed, stole, and smuggled ancient artifacts and antiquities. They have also stolen the land of the indigenous inhabitants.
Return all agricultural lands to the native Egyptians in Upper Egypt that was stolen from them by occupation and terrorism, and all the lands that were confiscated in Lower Egypt by Arab governments in the last 60 years.
These demands are vital for natives to survive and to live on the land of the earliest cradle of civilization. Thus, it’s the duty of President Abdul Fatah Al Sisi and his government, whom have the legislative power to pass the proper laws, to start a “CULTURAL REVOLUTION” in Egypt, which is the way out of the current culture of hatred and imperialism in Egypt.
The proposed Cultural Revolution in Egypt would end the hatred towards others and will spread to all corners of the Middle East and start a whole fresh new era in the region.
This Cultural Revolution must have international and regional support. It is not the responsibility of Egypt’s government alone; it’s also responsibility of all parties that caused and participated in that Great Captivity of Egyptians.
In this regard we, the American Coptic Union, demand a re-conciliatory process based on the above natural and human rights, similar to that of Nelson Mandela in South Africa. Reconciliation must take place before any parliamentary elections in Egypt. Any election before reconciliation will produce results similar to Mubarak’s fake parliaments.

The American Coptic Union has sent such demands to President AlSisi during his visit to UN General Assembly on Sept. 2014. A copy is enclosed to this memo.

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