Friday, August 27, 2010

The American Coptic Union (ACU) Submits a Complaint to United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights

On August 17, 2010, the ACU issued a complaint on behalf of the oppressed Coptic Christians of Egypt to the OHCHR. This complaint was filed against President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt; Interior Minister Muhammed Habib AlAdley; Chairman of Committee of Policies of the NDP (ruling party) Gamal Mubarak; Speaker of Parliament Fat’hey Suror; and Speaker of Shura Council Safwat ElSherif. They are accused for their criminal policies and practice of crimes against humanity and genocide against Coptic Christians in Egypt. The crimes include:

• Ethnic cleansing against hundreds of thousands, displacing and forcing families to leave their homes, and lands. And Confiscations of private properties.

• Massacring of Egyptian Copts, terror attacks, and raids on Coptic Christian villages.

• Thousands killed in orchestrated attacks all over Egypt.

• Kidnapping, raping, more than 500,000 women, and underage girls, forcing them to convert, and marry of those who commit the crime against them.

• For millions of Coptic Christians to convert to Islam, by force, and distorting their civil records.

• Killing worshipers inside the Churches. Burning and destroying hundreds of worship places, and historical monasteries.

• Protecting terror secret organization to kill those Coptic Christians who convert back to Christianity.

• Destruction of Egyptian Coptic historical sites, such as Luxor, Akhmim, Al Giza area of the Pyramids, and religious sites.

* Severe economic strangulation. President Mubarak issued a presidential decree to kill and exterminate all Pigs owned by Egyptian Christian Copts and confiscate their Farms. As a result about 3 million lost their income, and become unemployed.

* Ten of thousands of Egyptian Copts victims illegally imprisoned with false and fabricated, or no allegation at all, and without any trial, or Court hearing.

The ACU and Coptic community are committed to bringing these criminals to justice. No more can the crimes of a cruel government against its people continue with impunity.

On behalf of American Coptic Union, and US Coptic Community, we call upon, President Barack Obama, US Congress, and Government, all leaders of New York City, and State, Democrats, and Republicans to show their vigor support to “Freedom of Religion “for Coptic Christian, in the US and Egypt as they support the freedom of religion for American Muslims to build Ground Zero’s Mosque.

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