Saturday, September 26, 2009

Economic Strangulation Against the Copts must stop Immediately

Economic barriers placed in front of the Copts are the main reason for forced conversion to Islam. It is very difficult for Copts to run businesses in Egypt for fear of pressure from the Mubarak regime. Those who do have businesses, however, face severe government pressure and lose their businesses because of their religion. Many Copts are forced to convert to Islam to save their businesses and support their families.

The recent decision by the Mubarak regime to kill all the pigs in Egypt to prevent the H1N1 flu has crippled many Coptic farmers who depend on the pigs for their farms. It has been proven that the pigs are not the cause of the H1N1 flu; the government decided to kill the pigs to economically decimate the Copts. Many Coptic families now are not able to support themselves and have resorted to prostitution and conversion to Islam.

This treatment is unacceptable and against international law. The Mubarak regime is discriminating against the Copts because they are Christian. This economic strangulation must be halted immediately. The United States must pressure Egypt to halt all economic strangulation and cut off all economic aid if this persists.

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