Monday, August 17, 2009

Copts, in a show of strength, reject Shenouda’s call to cancel Protest

Dr. Ashraf Ramllah, leader of the Coptic organization Voice of the Copts, has rejected Pope Shenouda’s call to cancel the protest against President Hosni Mubarak.

Led by the Coptic Coalition and other Coptic Organizations, the protest lands on the day President Mubarak is scheduled to meet with President Barack Obama. The Copts are protesting the Mubarak Regime’s raping and kidnapping of women, economic strangulation placed upon the Copts, killing of pigs, burning of churches, raids on Coptic villages, and massacres of the Coptic population.

Shenouda, Mubarak’s “greatest ally,” has called on the Copts to cancel the protest and “welcome” Mubarak to the United States. Why should the Copts welcome a man who has oppressed them for 28 years?

Shenouda’s call to cancel the protest is entirely against the interests of the Copts. The Copts are protesting to defend their rights as the native people of Egypt. Shenouda, the “supposed” leader of the Copts, rejects the protest. This protest will help raise awareness about the situation of the Copts and will allow the Obama Administration to take action against the Mubarak Regime. Shenouda, by rejecting the protest, does have the interests of the Copts at heart.

Source(s): Assyrian International News Agency

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